Trusted Family Lawyers in Montreal

A Trusted family lawyer in Montreal can help you resolve your dispute with a spouse. They can also help you with international and interprovincial cases. They have a proven track record of success in the area of family law.

Family law is a legal area that deals with issues such as divorce, child custody and support payments. This area of law is regulated by statutes that differ from province to province.

Anne-France Goldwater

Anne-France Goldwater is a Montreal-based family lawyer. She is well known for her role as the arbitrator on L’Arbitre, a court program that airs on the V television network. She is also involved in high-profile cases. She is in partnership with Marie-Helene Dube in a law firm called Goldwater, Dube.

Throughout her career, Goldwater has taken on controversial cases that many mainstream lawyers would shy away from. For example, she fought all the way to the Superior Court of Quebec for two gay men who wanted to marry, helping to pave the way for same-sex marriage in the province.

Her outspoken manner has led to her being compared to America’s Judge Judy. Despite this, Goldwater has gained an excellent reputation in the field of family law, and she is frequently asked to appear on television. Her firm handles a wide variety of family law matters, including domestic violence and divorce. It also specializes in child custody and child support issues.

Barry Goldwater

Barry Goldwater was a Republican U.S. senator from Arizona who was known as a conservative leader and a staunch opponent of communism. He was also a critic of the New Deal and the legacy of Franklin D. Roosevelt. During his career in Congress, Goldwater served on several committees, including the Senate Labor and Public Welfare Committee and the Senate Rackets Committee. He was also an advocate of anti-union legislation. He was also a strong supporter of the American anticommunist movement and opposed Joseph McCarthy’s false claims of communist infiltration of the United States State Department during the Red Scare.

While Goldwater lost the election to President Lyndon Johnson, he rallied many conservatives. He became the face of the Republican Party’s conservative movement and a defender of traditional values. He also championed the cause of gays in the military and was an honorary chairman of a drive to pass a law ending job discrimination against homosexuals.

Me Lakhdar

Me Lakhdar is a partner and head of the Family Law department at Devine Schachter Polak. She has a strong background in complex litigation and is recognized for her expertise in private international law. She regularly appears in the Superior Court and the Court of Appeal. She has also appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada on several occasions.

Her practice focuses on matrimonial and familial issues as well as succession law and civil rights. She has developed a particular expertise in disputes with a foreign element such as the treatment of Islamic dowry, recognition of divorces rendered abroad in accordance with Muslim law, and international lis pendens. She also has extensive experience in the preparation of prenuptial agreements, cohabitation and marriage contracts, and international adoption. She has also acted as mediator. She obtained her degrees from McGill University and is a member of the Quebec Bar Association. Me Lakhdar has lectured on the subject of private international law and is a frequent guest speaker at legal events.

Allen Madelin

As a lawyer, Allen Madelin represents clients in family law matters such as divorces and legal separations. He also advises individuals and families on domestic contracts (prenuptial, cohabitation and separation agreements). He is familiar with issues related to the division of property and support. He is trained in collaborative family law and can offer his clients a less adversarial approach to their cases.

He understands the strain that family disputes put on families and is committed to helping his clients find the best possible resolution for their situations. Choosing the right family lawyer is one of the most important decisions you can make. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, including the location of the firm, reputation and availability. He also needs to be able to communicate effectively and understand your situation. A good Montreal family lawyer will have the experience and compassion to help you through this difficult time. He or she should also have a track record of successful family and private law recoveries.

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