Who is a Criminal Lawyer

Most people think that any lawyer can be a criminal lawyer, but that’s simply not true. Criminal law is an area of law practice where attorneys focus on crimes such as homicide, robbery, and property theft. A person with a degree in criminal justice can become a prosecutor or member of the judiciary. A Criminal Lawyer Fairfax VA and a head prosecutor will have a key role in the sentencing procedures and laws of the state.

Who is a Criminal Lawyer?

A criminal lawyer is a lawyer who has expertise and experience in criminal matters. He or she should have knowledge about the legal system of the country, criminal court proceedings and the prosecution process. For a lawyer to be able to represent a client in criminal court, he or she should qualify for admission to practice law.

Roles of a Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer may be hired by certain individuals when they are charged with a crime. Here are some roles that a criminal lawyer may have:

i. Investigates the crime and gathers evidence.

A criminal lawyer is likely to employ different methods of investigation in order to find enough evidence for a conviction. He or she will look into the case details, examine the witnesses’ testimonies, and use different investigation tools such as surveillance, wiretapping, or bugging.

ii. Represents the accused through the trial process.

A criminal lawyer will provide legal advice to individuals charged with a crime. He or she may also be tasked to defend the accused through trial procedures, which are usually verbal exchanges between the prosecutor and the defense counsel.

iii. Prepares the defense in the trial process.

A criminal lawyer is likely to gather all relevant evidence, which will be presented to the court during trial proceedings. He or she will also be tasked to present clear and convincing arguments to the judge.

iv. Evaluates the evidence and advise the client on plea bargains.

A criminal lawyer may be tasked with evaluating the strength of evidence gathered against his or her client. The lawyer is then advised whether to plead guilty or defend the case in court.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Criminal Lawyer

When looking for a criminal lawyer, it is important to consider the following factors:

i. Track record

Before hiring a criminal lawyer, you have to check his or her experience with criminal court cases. The lawyer should have enough knowledge and experience to deal with a criminal case.

ii. Cost

The cost of hiring a criminal lawyer may vary depending on the lawyer’s fees and the amount of work that is required for your case.

iii. Reputation

A criminal lawyer who has good reviews is likely to offer a better service. You can ask for recommendations from your relatives, friends, and colleagues about a lawyer to help you in your case.

iv. Availability

It is important to hire a criminal lawyer who can be available during trial proceedings so that he or she can give effective legal advice and defend the client effectively.

By finding a good Criminal Lawyer Fairfax VA, you can ensure that your case will be handled accurately. You can always check the lawyer’s criminal trial experience before deciding to hire him or her. Make sure that the lawyer you have chosen is willing to help you with the case and can be available in the court during trial proceedings.