The Importance of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Cook County

Criminal charges are one of the most unsettling, daunting and serious events that can occur in a person’s life. Criminal charges can impact your career, your family and even your financial security.

A qualified Cook County criminal defense attorney will protect your rights and help you navigate the criminal justice system.

Felony Criminal Cases

Felony charges carry severe penalties, including lengthy prison sentences, substantial fines, and long probation periods. They can also cause permanent damage to a person’s reputation and ability to find employment, access housing, or get loans from banks. A skilled felony criminal defense lawyer is vital in these cases.

Unlike misdemeanors, police officers must first receive approval to charge someone with a felony from the state’s attorney before doing so. This process is known as a felony review.

Purav Bhatt is an experienced Cook County criminal defense lawyer who has developed relationships with Judges and Prosecutors throughout the County. He can help you build a strategy to prevent a conviction by challenging the evidence, reviewing search and seizure procedures, and arguing for reduced charges. He is also a former prosecutor and has an insider’s view of how the system works. This gives him a unique advantage in getting his clients’ charges dismissed or reduced. He has successfully defended clients in cases involving aggravated battery, burglary, robbery, drug trafficking, and homicide.

Misdemeanor Criminal Cases

A misdemeanor conviction can have far-reaching consequences for your life. Whether the charges are a class A misdemeanor (such as stealing or threatening someone) or a class C misdemeanor, like a traffic violation like speeding or unauthorized use of a 911 call, having a criminal record can affect your job, your reputation, and even your ability to access housing or get loans from banks.

While the penalties for misdemeanors are less severe than those of a felony, you can still face jail time and large fines. An experienced Chicago defense attorney can work to have your case dismissed or reduce the penalties as much as possible. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Purav Bhatt has extensive experience handling both misdemeanor and felony cases in both Cook County and the surrounding counties. He has a deep understanding of how prosecutors build their cases and uses this knowledge to protect his clients. He has been successful in having evidence suppressed, negotiating lesser charges and getting his clients probation instead of jail time.

Pre-Charge Investigations

For clients facing felony charges, an experienced Criminal lawyer  can often help prevent serious consequences. Conviction of a felony can lead to prison time, massive fines, lengthy probation periods and a permanent record. Conviction of certain felony crimes can also make it difficult to get housing, employment and loans from banks.

A Chicago criminal defense attorney can protect your rights during interrogations, searches, lineups and other aspects of pre-charge investigations. A criminal defense lawyer can also help to minimize or get charges dismissed during this critical phase of the case.

Purav Bhatt, a former prosecutor, brings first-hand knowledge of how the prosecution works to every case he handles. He is rated 10/10 by his clients and was named a 2014 Client’s Choice Featured Attorney. He has built relationships with Judges and Prosecutors throughout Cook County. He is well known for being highly effective, affordable and tenacious. He is a true partner in his clients’ defense.

Post-Charge Investigations

The prosecutor brings criminal charges against you and then tries to convince a judge or jury that you’re guilty. This is done by presenting evidence such as police reports, witness testimony, and physical and chemical test results.

Defending against these cases requires extensive knowledge of Illinois criminal laws and local ordinances. It also involves an ability to effectively and aggressively fight over-reaching prosecutors.

A conviction on your record can have a devastating effect on your career, financial future, and personal life. It may also prevent you from accessing employment, housing, or even getting a loan from a bank.

A Chicago criminal attorney can help you avoid jail time, reduce or dismiss your criminal charges, and keep your record clean. They understand that the criminal justice system is impersonal and harsh, but they’ll work tirelessly to provide you with excellent representation. They’ll even make sure you have a clear understanding of the proceedings throughout your case during your first in-person legal consultation.