Guaranteeing Objectivity

With so much discussion in the news about colleges reporting numbers to gain favorable ranks in the popular ranking guides, it's understanding to wonder if The Alumni Factor rankings could be manipulated in a similar way. 

The short answer is NO – they CAN’T be manipulated, and there are three reasons why:

1. The schools were not asked to provide any data at all.  The Alumni Factor rankings are based on responses from alumni, not schools, but do include publicly reported information for two of our attributes:  Alumni Giving percentage and Graduation Rate.

2.  The colleges did not provide access to their graduates. The Alumni Factor researchers were unwilling to allow any direct connection with their research and a school.

3. The alumni who participated provided their views on their college and life experiences, but the alumni did not know their answers would be used to rank their college.

The Alumni Factor is completely independent and is determined to maintain data collection integrity, regardless of how the schools stack up in the rankings. 

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