Understanding the Attributes: Social and Communication Skills Development

Making Your Point

We expect our colleges and universities to not only provide rigorous intellectual development, but also to strengthen the social and communication skills of students. The traditions, culture and overall campus life can make the undergraduate years a positive growth experience, or something quite different. According to alumni, some schools excel at providing opportunities for students to interact socially in the classroom, to participate in a broad range of campus clubs and activities, and to have fun and enjoy their friends. There are other schools where these are simply not a priority.

This attribute is dominated by liberal arts schools (13 of the Top 20). However, there are two schools in the Top 20 with more than 10,000 undergraduates (Appalachian State and University of North Carolina).

The Top 50 schools in this attribute are anything but a list of the “party” schools. Graduates have rated their colleges based on the development of social and communication skills that have proven to be valuable later in life.