It’s Georgia Tech’s game when it’s an Alumni Factor competition

On any fall day in the South, you would think there’s nothing more important than football.

But everyone knows that’s not true. Georgia Tech fans will just have to cling to that fact after the Georgia Bulldogs pounded the Yellow Jackets 42-10 in the annual state rivalry.

The game, described by one sportswriter as a “laugher,” was the 11th time in 12 years that Georgia beat Georgia Tech. But it’s a different story on The Alumni Factor.

Georgia Tech is the clear winner overall, ranked No. 25 with Georgia at No. 128.

Although it’s close, Georgia has the better rank in Overall College Assessment, ranked No. 34, compared to Tech at No. 44. From there, it’s all Tech.

In Overall Undergraduate Experience, Tech wins with a rank of No. 87 compared to Georgia at No. 129. Georgia is better in some experiential subcategories, although Tech is better at most.

And, look out, Dawgs. In Overall Financial Success, Tech is ranked an outstanding No. 14 compared to Georgia at No. 156. Tech can also claim an impressive No. 8 ranking compared to Georgia at No. 123 at Household Net Worth.

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