Florida gets the win and dominates FSU in alumni opinion

It wasn’t so much that Florida beat Florida State as it was that Florida State gave the game away. But, in the end, all that matters is the score. In that, Florida is the clear winner 37-26.

It’s much the same on The Alumni Factor. Florida is ranked No. 81 overall compared to FSU at No. 141.

Florida consistently ranks higher than FSU in all but one category, and even that’s a tight comparison. In Percentage of Households with Net Worth > $1MM, FSU is ranked No. 157 to Florida at No. 165. Another tight comparison is in Friendship Development, but Florida is on top at No. 119 compared to FSU at No. 123.

From there, FSU fades in alumni opinion when compared to Florida.

Florida’s best ranks are No. 14 in Would Recommend (FSU is No. 72); No. 49 in Prep for Career Success (FSU is No. 126); and No. 59 in Social Development (FSU is No. 91).

And in the cross-state football rivalry, Florida is No. 1. And that’s the only rank that matters to Gators in 2012. 

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