Oregon can claim the win, but Oregon State dominates in alumni opinion

The University of Oregon can continue to claim dominance in the state’s “Civil War” after defeating Oregon State 48-24 in the annual cross-state rivalry.

Oregon holds the advantage in that contest 60-46-10. But Oregon State holds the advantage in the contest of alumni opinion. Oregon State is ranked No. 127 overall compared to Oregon at No. 171.

In Overall Undergraduate Experience, Oregon State is ranked No. 146 compared to Oregon at No. 169. Only in two subcategories can Oregon claim wins, but both are by close margins. In Spiritual Development, Oregon is No. 131; Oregon State is No. 134. In Intellectual Development, Oregon is No. 143; Oregon State is No. 160.

In Overall College Assessment, Oregon State trounces with a No. 78 ranking compared to Oregon at No. 122.

In Overall Financial Success, it’s another clear Oregon State victory, with Beaver alumni ranking their school No. 92 compared to Oregon’s No. 169 rank.

In subcategories, the allegiance of Oregon State alumni is more than evident. In Would Recommend, Oregon State is ranked No. 94 compared to Oregon at No. 115. And in Would Personally Choose Again, Oregon State is an impressive No. 18 compared to Oregon at No. 110.

Apparently Beaver grads don’t give a dam(n) that Oregon has the advantage in the Civil War series. They have the advantage in loyalty and devotion.