Kansas State may have the win on The Alumni Factor, but Baylor has the upset on the field

College football fans love an upset … unless your team is on the down side of an upset.

Kansas State, No. 1 for one week only, is feeling the sting after Baylor handed them their helmets 52-24.

It’s not a big Baylor victory when you compare the two schools on The Alumni Factor, but Baylor does compete admirably,

Kansas State has the edge overall, ranked No. 92 to Baylor at No. 147.

The gap closes when comparing the two schools in financial categories. Kansas State is ranked 122nd overall compared to Baylor at 133rd.

It’s also a close race in Undergraduate Experience comparisons with Baylor ahead overall at 83rd to Kansas State at 94th.

In experiential subcategories, Baylor is the clear winner in Spiritual Development, ranked No. 18 to Kansas States No. 106.

Maybe that’s how Baylor got the upset: prayer coupled with a really good week at practice.