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Alumni Results Report

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New Alumni Results Reports for Individual Schools reach beyond the rankings and provide a glimpse of the underlying data.

Each 33-page report includes:

Every graduate outcome response for your selected college, compared to a defined set of cohorts:

  • All College Grads
  • Top 50 National Universities
  • Top 50 Liberal Arts Colleges
  • All Other Colleges
  • Small Schools (under 4,000 full time undergraduates)
  • Medium Schools (4,001 to 10,000 undergraduates)
  • Large Schools (10,001 to 20,000 undergraduates)
  • Very Large Schools (more than 20,000 undergraduates)

Graduate responses are shown as either:

  • The weighted average response (mean)
  • The distribution of responses from your selected college, vs. the distribution of responses for all college graduates in our survey sample
  • Percentage responses, shown as trends over a period of time or snapshots of the total population, on the attribute

Profile of the school's alumni respondents

  • SAT Scores
  • GPA
  • Post-Graduate Degree Attainment
  • Placement on the Political Spectrum (from very conservative to very liberal)

Where graduates of your selected college stand on 15 of the hottest political and social questions of the day

  • Immigration
  • Abortion
  • Gay Marriage
  • Universal Healthcare
  • Gun Control
  • School Prayer
  • Media Bias

only $5.95 each

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New Hampshire